ACRA Company Search Will Do It For You

ACRA is a system of authority in Singapore. They ensure the right functioning of a company or business registered under it. The registration happens through the official website of Acra, Bizfile. ACRA snot only ensures the functioning of a company. It is a public accountant and corporate service provider in Singapore.

It gives clear real-time data about your company and related transaction. The system can also detect all the activities transpiring within the company. It has the authority to suspend any company on the grounds of suspicious actions.

Is your company registered?

After knowing more about ACRA, it is natural for a company/business holder to worry about their registration. There is no space for panic or worry here. One can simply log in to their profile in Bizfile, using their CorpPass or SingPass. Search the company name on the search bar. If the name reflects a generated EUN, then your company is registered.

If only the name is visible, then register your company through Bizfile at the earliest.

Is it feasible to Search About Another Company?

Search regarding another company is also eased with ACRA. ACRA company search allows one to know about other company entities and extract the required information. The information would normally only provide their actions and contact details.

Though one can search with only the entity’s name, it is easier to search with the EUN number. But the EUN number is not always available on any website. There is a specific website by the Singapore government. This website serves as a directory search of registered companies and businesses.

Why Use The Company Search?

The ACRA company search bar allows one to know about a company. When one wants to collaborate with another company for a project, they must choose the right company. This feature of ACRA allows one to see exactly that.

They show the real-time data of an existing company. One must pay close attention to the information provided. The information provided should also be verified with the company itself. Sometimes, there are possibilities of lag in updating information due to network jams.

With all the information provided, check the ideal ones. The transaction history and tax maintenance of the company. If all are verified and up to date, only then proceed with the company. It is always better to search 5-6 companies and short-list from that.