Lifestyle Influence On Buying Decision For iphone 12

The purchase decision is an important thing to pay attention to because this will certainly be a consideration of how a marketing strategy will be carried out by the next company, Company succes in,influence with zconsumers in purchases decisions is strong.

Support through efforts to Build Communication consumers with marketing strategy. As well as innovating for new varian in a product. The purchasing decision-making process often involves several decisions. A decision involves two or more choices. Competition is so tight nowadays that companies must be able to play a reliable marketing strategy and Be Able to the attract consumers so that they can win the market. Products that have good quality will be products that are likely to have loyal customers. By understanding how consumer behavior will contribute to the company to formulate a marketing strategy that will be implemented in introducing and promoting products to the market.

In this case, for example, the world of gadgets. In the world of gadgets, there is a lot of tough competition in it between several brands. Buy iPhone 12 is a superior smartphone product.  Factors that can influence consumers when deciding to buy a product come from internal factors, namely within themselves and external factors such as environmental influences. Seen from internal factors, lifestyle factors are one of the factors that are quite influential on the process of purchasing a product. The lifestyle itself is a way that can describe a person’s behavior, namely how to live using his money and take advantage of the time he has

Lifestyle is one of the elements of personal factors, where a person’s lifestyle is a person’s lifestyle in the world of everyday life which is expressed in activities or activities, interests, and opinions (opinions) concerned about the existence of a product of interest. The lifestyle of consumers can be used as a basis for a consumer in making decisions, lifestyles tend to classify consumers based on the AIO dimensions, namely activities, interests, and opinions in analyzing an event that occurs in the surrounding environment. A person uses the concept of his lifestyle to analyze the events that occur around him or the environment in which he lives and interpret or predict events so that a person’s lifestyle will always be influenced by impulses that come from within him and from outside himself.

iPhone, which is one of the famous smartphones in several countries, always follows the development of cellphone trends and consumer lifestyles. Owning an iPhone mobile phone is a luxurious lifestyle because it already has a well-known brand among the upper-middle class. The application owned by the iPhone adds to the impression that the mobile phone brand is quite well known and in demand by the public. Based on the description above, a consumer decides to buy a smartphone, especially the iPhone, based on several reasons, one of which is to fulfill their lifestyle. Therefore, the Effect of Lifestyle on the Purchase Decision of iPhone Mobile is quite significant.