Improv digital storytelling

Digital storytelling often requires preparation. Assembling media, brewing up a narrative: these take time. Is a prep-less improvised digital storytelling possible?

Netprov = networked improv literature.

Netprov uses everyday social technology plus the ol’ tricks of literature, graphic design, and theater to create stories that unfold in realtime within public mediascapes.

Some of this group’s previous projects sound like classic web 2.0 storytelling, using many key platforms:

Rob’s Projects
Chicago Soul Exchange, online marketplace for past lives (blog, collaborative, performed live over 1 week)

Mark’s Projects
The Ballad of WorkstudySeth, Twitter fiction provoked by workstudy students (Twitter & Facebook, during 3 months of 2009)
The LA Flood Project, a locative narrative and flood simulation (Google Map, YouTube on-going, and simulation tweeted during LA Times Festival of Books April 30-May 1, 2011)
The Loss Wikiless Timespedia, Wikinewspaper open to wikizen journalists everywhere (Mediawiki installation launched April 1, 2009).

Be sure to explore their “common characteristics” list.

(thanks to Steve Burnett)

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