C60 fullerenes- A promising therapeutic agent

According to the biomedical research, the C60 derivatives have been expansively explored, because of the exclusive formation as well as unparalled physiochemical properties. This C60 is characterized as a free radical sponge with anti-oxidant efficacy many hundred fold higher than the conventional anti-oxidants. Actually, C60 core has a powerful electron grabbing ability as well as a plenty of purposeful compounds with commonly various properties can be added to this fullerene. When you decide to buy C60 fullerenes, initially you should review on the applications of C60 and then get to know its advantages and other activities.

The applications of C60 are used for treating radiculopathy, cartilage degeneration, vertebral bone marrow disorder and intervertebral disc degeneration. The C60 cores are coupled with functional groups that represent the new pharmacological and biological activities. They are also promising in the clinical performance for the musculoskeletal disorders treatment. Actually, this C60 is a toxic by-product of the cellular metabolism, which donates to the tissue injury in several human diseases. According to the review of scientific research, the C60 has longevity as well as antioxidant effects that bring scavenging capacity for the reactive oxygen species.

Health benefits of C60 fullerenes

Commonly, the C60 has an ability to pass through the lipid membranes, enter the cells and also changes its functions as well. When you are using this C60 fullerene, the most important thing knows the health benefits of C60 that include:

C60 enhances longevity

Actually, this prevents the nerve cells from death by either amyloid-beta or dehydration and allowed mice to live up to 8 days longer in 120 day lifetime. According to the studies, C60 in olive oil can increase 90% of lifespan for rats.

C60 prevents UV damage

The C60 oil stops the sunburn in the human skin.

C60 kills viruses

When the perfect types of photos work with the hydroxyl C60, it can deactivate the mosquito viruses.

C60 protects against the free radicals

Almost, the free radicals can react with any molecule in your body as well as significantly damage it, before leaving the molecule. The antioxidant such as C60 prevents the age related decline in mice.

C60 prevents osteoarthritis

The water soluble C60 prevent the breakdown of bones as well as stress induced damage. It also greatly prevents the bone inflammation in rabbits as well as prevents the loss of bone cells.

C60 safeguards nerve

The hydroxyl C60 can highly safeguards the nerves from dying due to overwork in the cell cultures.

Buy C60 fullerenes

The C60 is the best dissolved in oil with a centrifuge. The high doses of dissolved C60 and pure C60 can be toxic. When you buy C60 fullerenes, make sure to read the previous customer’s reviews and then knows the secret of using it.