All you need to know about Search Engine Optimization

With the increasing use of technology over the years and so many websites originating everyday, there is a constant struggle of getting your website noticed and visible by the right audience. People create their websites to promote business, increase visibility, create branding and awareness amongst others about their business. But, creating the good website is just one part of the struggle; the actual struggle is to draw attention towards it. SEO or Search engine Optimization comes to our rescue here. Many companies like the Los Angeles SEO work towards helping its customers get the required amount of attention from their audience.

What is SEO and how does it work?

SEO is nothing but the process of increasing the online visibility of a website (be it personal or official) or webpage in the internet space. When someone enters a keyword, the faster and earlier a website appears in the listing, the more number of visitors will be able to visit the webpage and inadvertently, if people visit your webpage and like its content, the more chances of your business getting a boost. Simply put – it is like getting the horse to the well to drink water. SEO will do that for you, but it totally depends on the horse whether he is thirsty and wants to drink the water and also depends on the taste of the water – if it’s sour or salty, the horse won’t drink it. Companies like the Los Angeles SEO hire SEO experts who have years of experience in managing the search engine and its uses. They deal with Social media marketing, paid search managing and related work.

How it works is very simple. Googles uses a mathematical formula called an Algorithm and gives every website a score through which it decides which websites will be on which rank when certain keywords are typed. Websites need to prove themselves worth being in the top ranking as per Google’s Algorithm and then they will automatically move up in the ranking. The three main points that you keep in mind  for search rankings are quality, trust and authority. So in terms of quality, what Google measures is that  which are offering something valuable or unique or interesting to googles searchers. Have you been able to build trust amongst your customers is also something that Google keeps a check on. The last aspect is Authority. Google will not show something that is not popular. It will always show the most popular websites and the most viewed website.

Hence, if you really want to convince Google on getting you the right score, there are no shortcuts; you will have to go all out and create great customer satisfaction as that’s the only key to success.