Best VPS Hosting Service in Canada

VPS is a machine that resides on a server with other virtual machines. With a VPS, you can install your web operating system. You will have greater control over system configuration. You can install programs and applications that are unsupported on shared hosting accounts. For people with websites and basic hosting needs, a shared hosting account is enough. But, if you are a developer, you may find that a canada vps plan better suits your needs.

Especially when the entry cost has never been lower, you can get a basic VPS per month. Many people may get confusion to choose either Linux VPS or Windows VPS for their business use. Some basic functions are common but, there are significant differences between the two options.

canada vps

Both Linux and Windows Operating systems work are same. Run applications and scale the resources when required. Both of them support PHP and MySQL. Read this article to know the benefits they offer and choose the one that suits the needs of your business. Some benefits of Windows VPS are,

  • The familiar GUI is the first and the major benefit of Windows-based VPS. For people who have less technical skills, it is simple to use and very helpful.
  • Windows VPS provides an advanced and powerful control panel with an interface. It helps you manage a web hosting account and add new domains and sub-domains. It also helps you create and manage user accounts, email accounts, databases, etc.
  • Remote Desktop Access is one of the standard features of Windows VPS plans. You can access the server from anywhere by Windows VPS. Also, makes it easy for you to configure and manage the server.

Some benefits of Linux VPS are,

  • Linux is cost-effective as it is open-source. Also, you need not have to worry about the licensing fee.
  • It works with most of the open-source programs or technologies like Apache, MySQL.
  • It helps in consuming fewer amounts of resources and RAM. Linux reduces the load on the server and enhances your site’s performance.
  • It is not that one is superior to the other. Linux is a good option if you are looking for something inexpensive and control over the server. But, you need to be skillful. Windows VPS is the best option for people who are looking for the easy-to-use interface.

The canada vps service offers VPS hosting, free domains & an impressive website builder.