Finding Your Google Business Page, The Easy Way

If you have a business, probably, one of your least concern right now would be having to list your business to Google Business listings, but, you might have noticed that majority of the people nowadays with a huge percentage of it considerably consumers that might gain interest to your product or service are using mobile devices which are tools that can access the internet easily.

So why do you need to claim your Google Business listing? It is quite simple if you come to think of it because this will surely help boost your business and provide more convenience to your customers and attract more potential customers by providing contact numbers, website links, address, and other necessary information that will create a link between you and your customer. Also, an unclaimed Google business listing could be one of the main reason why your business is not that progressive as you think it would be because of the wrong information provided that you could have easily edited.

If you ask any successful business that uses Google Business, they will surely tell you that having an unclaimed Google Business page looks pretty bad on your business, considering that it is being displayed next to your competitors in the market which has already claimed and completed their business page. Sound’s convincing? In this article, let us talk about the importance of having your own Google Business, and how to find your unclaimed Google business listing so that you can start verifying it and wait for the positive results.


You should take a peek at comparing some useful information to see the difference between a claimed and unclaimed Google business page.

Claimed pages have its own picture of the storefront or the logo of the business if it operates remotely, whereas the unclaimed Google business page which has no picture either a logo in it. Also, claimed pages have its own information like business hours if they have an establishment, customer reviews, and ratings, and even feature some of their products or services that they offer.

This may just be minor things to you, but it holds a lot of importance for customers to be convinced to visit your site or not. This is also where customers validate if your business is legit or not that is why it is surely important to claim and manage your Google Business Page.

If you do not know how to claim your Google Business page, and it is fairly easy in How to find unclaimed Google businesses.

  • FIND YOUR BUSINESS– By simply typing in the nature of your business and the name of your business, you will instantly get it at the top of the results of the search engine.
  • ROVIDE THE NEEDED INFORMATION-Once you find your business, you should provide all the information such as business hours, store location (maps), contact numbers and do not forget to review it because you might have spelling errors and may put in the wrong numbers.
  • VERIFY YOUR BUSINESS– After filling in all the needed information, you should wait for Google to send you a verification code that will be sent to your email, you will gain control of your Google Business page’s dashboard. The verification code could be sent in a minute and within a week the longest.