How to create an SEO-Friendly URL Structure

The URL is the first thing users notices on your website. The cleaner and easier your URL, the better it is for you as well as your users. URL defines the website hierarchy and is also easy to understand and remember. Here are some tips to create an affordable search engine optimization URL structure that is clean as well as SEO friendly.

Use Relevant Keywords

Every affordable search engine optimization page, which is on your domain, has a purpose. These purposes could either be the transactional, administrator or maybe informational. You would want the right search engine crawlers to discover your content and for that, you have to make use of relevant keywords. The keyword should be such that it describes the page. This keyword should be written in the URL.

Proper Hierarchy

A big challenge is setting up a sitewide hierarchy of URLs which will be perfect even for the years to come. It is due to this that many websites end up being full of sub-domains when arriving at similar products. This might be difficult from the user’s point of view and also for the search engine as it is an unordered way of categorizing products. An ideal URL would flow from domain to product through category and sub-categories if any. This also shows that you have proper planning when releasing products as they are properly categorized.

Avoid Unproductive Characters

For convenience, your URL should be such that the user can easily identify the page correctly by looking at the URL. Conjunctions and prepositions should be avoided in the URL. Search engines can easily make out the meaning of the main keywords. Also, do not use your keyword multiple times in the URL with the hope of increasing website ranking as it might make your URL structure look spammy.

Avoid Dynamic URL

Dynamic URL strings are those which leave character strings at the end of URLs. You must look to avoid these or minimize their usage as much as possible. This could be a little hard to do but a good management system should be able to prevent this. We want a hierarchical folder structure and this could just put undo all the work that you have done until now. Search engines do not have any problem when crawling these URLs but static URLs are just better to look at than dynamic ones. Moreover, users can also easily identify the page by looking at the static URL which enhances the user experience.


The URL which follows all these tips is going to be SEO friendly. It is also an affordable search engine optimization technique.