Is There a Way I Can Increase my Domain Authority?

A great challenge of digital marketing and SEO is managing different metrics affecting search rankings. Content, backlinks, website speed, user experience, anchor text optimization, and at least 200 more factors come into play while ranking websites.

The reason Google takes all these factors into account is that it tries to display relevant content to its users. This is why people are known to prefer Google over other search engines. It is faster and much more accurate in its search results than other competing search engines.

One such factor used by digital marketers to evaluate the quality and relevance of a website is called domain authority (DA). DA is a metric developed by Moz and ranks website domains on a scale of 1-100. The greater the domain authority, the better chance a website has in getting ranked higher on Google.

There are many factors which go into calculating domain authority. Keep in mind that DA is not an official metric which Google calculates while ranking websites. It can be seen as a tool to measure the probability of a website doing well on search rankings. This is why many digital marketers look at DA as an effective metric for evaluating their own website.

Another thing to note is that the DA of a website changes slowly. There is no hard and fast rule which states that a website with a lower DA cannot beat a website with a higher DA in search rankings. However, DA is good at calculating the overall relevance of a website in a given field, not just a single webpage.

In this article, we discuss some ways the DA of a website can be improved.

Create More Internal Links

At a basic level, the push towards increasing the domain authority begins with improving the number of internal links.

Internal linking is a very positive SEO practise. For one, it allows search engine crawlers to scan multiple web pages of a website when arriving on any given web page through internal links. Furthermore, by using the right anchor text to link to other content of the website, a website can improve the DA of a website.

Try Using Productive Link Building Methods

When it comes to link building, many digital marketers tend to use reductive methods such as submitting links on low DA directories which are irrelevant.

Having irrelevant backlinks is a major reason why a website tends to get a poor DA score. The best possible way to get backlinks is to create quality content and get them organically. Opportunities in guest posting are also great. Methods like social bookmarking and directory submissions have slowly lost their sheen.

Create Quality Content

There is no shortcut to improving DA score. All the websites with a high DA have a very sound SEO strategy. One of the core elements of  SEO is content.

There is no shortcut here. Site owners have to create quality content to post on their website and get more traffic to come in. As the bounce rate reduces and the average session time increases, the DA of a website is bound to increase.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three crucial tips which can push the domain authority of a website higher.

About the Author – Garima Gupta is a content writer and digital marketer with many years of experience in the field. She currently writes for, an institute known for its digital marketing institute in Delhi.