Not able to access blocked contents on internet! Here is an easy way

Many times you might have found that the content you are trying to search or look at is not available or blocked. You can unlock these by using a free proxy website. There are several such services available for free which allows the user to view web contents which were otherwise getting blocked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) due to governmental restrictions or, so.

Let’s try to understand how they are working while you are not able to view the site directly! Have you ever thought about it? The free proxy website let you browse content through them. Certain websites or, contents are blocked by your ISP due to governmental restrictions by using their server’s IP address. Therefore, the content becomes out of reach for certain region/ geographies. Now, the proxy sites let your requests to those servers pass through their site using encryption. Thus, the content which is not directly available to you becomes available to the proxy site and they let it pass over to you for viewing.

Obviously, you might be thinking about several questions and doubts:

  • How secure is this!
  • Does this mean that your activities can be monitored? or,
  • Is there any other way to view such content?

Let me explain them one by one. The last point first. Yes, there is another way to access such content which might not be otherwise available. You can you a VPN (Virtual Private Network) like the one most of the commercial organization does. However, as an individual you may have to pay a bomb for that and not really feasible. Also, your office network security/ firewall will have their own policies and may not allow you to access certain content even when in VPN as it may be considered as unsecure for business.

Therefore, using free proxy website is a best option as it is free and almost like a substitute for a VPN. It will musk your public IP address and let your requests pass through an encrypted network which can’t be monitored or snooped in by anyone other than the intended recipients. This process makes them quite secure and useful for a person who wants to access certain contents without being at the receiving end of the authorities. However, it creates quite a challenge for authorities who want to put their people under constant surveillance. The use of proxies can bypass the normal network under surveillance. There are several such free sites available where one can access their content. Most of them do not require any specific configuration or any plug-in installations.

  • Use regular HTTPS traffic.
  • Makes websites SSL encrypted.
  • Works perfectly for Youtube and other social media for any streaming without any need for downloading.