Overview of graphic designs for making money

The utilization of graphic designs is helpful for presenting idea in the form of creating images or graphical images respectively. Moreover making graphical designs are also beneficial for making out real money especially in the areas like magazines, TV ads etc.

Let’s concentrate on the types of graphic design:

It is consumed like an art of presenting ideas. You can find out more graphical images that are seen in billboards, T-shirts, in album covers etc. in short you can see the number of graphical images at every instant place. Consider a graphic designer, where he performs his duties and responsibilities of generating a desired graphical image with the tools requirements. His motive is to satisfy the client’s requirements through the interaction tools. There are 2 types of tools resided with it are typography, image for communication perspective with clients that are essentially utilized by designers.

Let’s take a brief note on four types of graphic design:

  • Image-based graphic design:

This design is useful for indicating the ideas of your client where wants to communicate. As we know that images looks like complicated and good communication tools that are sometimes powerful. The only intention is an image speaks more than words. Here the complete message will be showcased in the form of a message only.

  • Type-based graphic design: Mostly designers prefer words than messages. Here the entire meaning of the subject will be conveyed through graphical visual presentation only. This kind of design occupies a significant popularity in the film industry today.
  • Image and type combination graphic design: It is a combination of both typography and images in order to convey the client message to the target customers. Here the designing aspects includes images, letter formats etc.
  • Logos and symbols: These are considered as identifiers for your clients. Here symbols acts like an abstract type of designing graphics in order to resemble an identification of your client. So at an instance, when you look at an image, your mind strikes automatically regarding the type of brand that is existed in use. Moreover these logos are termed as typography art symbols as well. When you look at a logo, you can simply state the client associated with it in a proper manner. So symbols and logos are helpful to indicate the client’s identification properly.


Hence based on the different graphical design formats, you can design an image with added graphics in a creative way. It will be beneficiary in order to build up an appropriate communication between designer and client attention too.