Rental Management: What Landlords Need To Know To Make The Right Choice

Upon the acquisition of housing for rent is the question to the owner whether it is better to assume the rental management of the property or entrust to a professional. The leasing management mission of the real estate intermediary includes the search for a solvent tenant, the drafting of the lease, the payment of expenses to the trustee of the condominium building, the sending of the holiday to the tenant on behalf of the owner. Paying service, rental management by professional costs the lesser landlord on average between 8% and 15% of the annual amount of rents duty-free housing entrusted. Advantages and disadvantages of “homemade” – manage yourself – if necessary with the help of billing system software, and the choice of rental management entrusted to a professional paid by you

Rental Management Free Or Almost

Contrary to a misconception, the rental management of a home (not to be confused with the mission of the trustee of an otherwise more complicated building) is not so complex even for those who are not specialists in the real estate thing. Managing yourself or your rental housing has the advantage of totally free. By tracking the rental yourself, you will quickly know any small tiles that may fall.

In direct relation with the tenant, you will have in real-time all the information which concern the rental management of the rented property like the unpaid rent, the necessity to carry out the works or repairs that the rental right puts at the charge of the landlord, the possible nuisances caused by your tenant or on the contrary disturbances of enjoyment that it undergoes from other residents of the building. Assume yourself the rental management of your leased property requires small qualities within the reach of everyone: have the order and carefully classify everything related to leased goods, including deeds, contracts, invoices, notes of the trustee, letters sent and received.

Billing system software

For efficient rental management, you should not be a follower of procrastination, you know this tendency to put everything back to the next day. In terms of rental management, delay and indecision are not forgiven. The best solution, one that combines simplicity, efficiency, security, and low costs, is probably that of managing oneself using the services of a specialized website (see above).

Managing the property yourself does not preclude calling a professional on an ad hoc basis. You can entrust a real estate professional only with the search and the selection of the tenant.

He will make sure of the reality of the incomes of the tenant candidate and will carry out the other checks within the framework that allows the law to  89-462 on the rental reports. In addition to rental management software in the form of “all one” proposing acts and printable contracts, we also find paper forms in specialized bookshops ready-to-use forms, including residential leases compliant with the laws and regulations in force…