Some Interesting Things To Know About SEO

SEO isn’t rocket science. No science or some kind of mystery is involved in understanding SEO. You just need to have the passion and be ready. If you are trying to learn SEO so that you can implement it in your business, there are some many interesting facts you should know. Though not really a fact, proper search engine optimization is all about expertise and experience. If you aren’t an expert in this area, you will be better off hiring a professional SEO Vancouver expert.

Only 25% of SEO is On-Page, 75% is off-page

SEO is all about creating relevant content and drawing more links.  Both are referred to as off-pages if on someone’s page and on-page when on your site. You create relevant content and include the specific keywords in which you will want to rank for on your web pages.  The content you create should also attract links. It should be the kind of content that people would wish to link to.

Top 5 SEO results Get more than 75% Clicks

The first key reason we do our best to make sure our websites rank on top of search engines is to gain more clicks. Never forget that websites that appear at the top of the search engine will always attract more clients. Based on statistics, the top 5 best-ranked websites always get up to 75% clicks. Always focus on ranking top by creating content that is relevant and has the right keywords if at all you will want to get more clicks.

Short Persuasive Meta Descriptions Always Get more clicks

Meta descriptions are ephemeral previews showcasing the underground links on search results.  They are intended to provide readers with a clear overview of what they will get once they click the links.  Creating short but super attractive Meta descriptions can help greatly in boosting your website clicks. For better results, it is advised you make your Meta descriptions not only persuasive and short but also unique. By so doing, you will end up doubling or even tripling your clicks.  You can easily tell if your Meta descriptions are really effective and unique by testing them on Facebook and Google ads. When you post them on those platforms, you will be able to tell which copy is super unique and more appealing. Since you are only allowed to write a maximum of 155 characters, it is super important to make your descriptions not only short but also mind-blowing.


These are some of the most interesting facts you perhaps didn’t know about SEO. Understanding and implementing each of the outlined tricks can do you lots of good and enable you to make great savings over time. You can continue reading this and more articles regarding SEO by visiting N2SOCIAL is renowned and established SEO company that has offices in Vancouver. It is one of the best companies you can always run to when you think that your website and SEO marketing campaigns would require a professional hand. The best thing about them is that they are trustworthy and credible so they will never take advantage of you.