Some Ways To Fix DNS Server Error

Of course, most of the people use the internet for different purposes. Sometimes, some sites do not open. In fact, error messages do not show. It is likely to open the diagnostic tools option so that you can find the error why the sites do not open. You might do some troubleshooting steps in order to know about the error. At some time, you might get the DNS server error in the pop up shown. Here you come to know about the reason why the site is not getting opened.  If you want to know how to fix dns server error, then read the below mentioned ways:

Use safe mode

You can attempt to access internet with the help of safe mode with networking option. In any case, if your laptop or computer can access internet in safe mode with networking, conflicting third party software or a security software might be a cause for this issue.

Check the internet connectionwith other devices

In any case, if you are using more than mobile or computer devices that access the internet from the same network, then it is important to check whether or not they are capable of accessing the internet. No matter what type of device you have, all you need to do is to check whether or not they connect to the internet. If they are not connected to the internet, then stop wasting your time and get ready to contact your ISP. You can explain all of your issues to the ISP so that they can give you needed support.

Error with only on some of sites

If you are obtaining DNS server error only on some of websites, then it is important to know that it might be a temporary problem with the server that is hosting the site. There are some sites that help you in checking this thing. All you need to do is to enter the website’s name, you want to check. Upon pinging, you will come to know if it is down or up. If the site is shown not working or as down, you will have to wait until the website’s webmaster get the problem fixed. This way, you know how to fix dns server error. You can find how to do the Easy Paper Airplane in this link.