The perfect host for your WordPress page

Are you a blogger who is looking to take your blog to the next level? Your blog on WordPress may have gained a large following, and you may be looking to increase the security level or even increase the speed at which your website rolls out after each alteration. If this is the case, then you can surely host your website on Downtown Host. It is a web-hosting site that also provides the best web hosting for WordPress pages. Downtown Host provides a number of services that include shared hosting which is ideal for WordPress pages.

Some of the shared hosting packages that DTH have to offer include Shared Starter, Shared Professional, Shared Business. These hosting programs are split into 3 types based on the level of traffic you are expecting, and also the degree of protection you’ll need to counter hacking. Out of the three packages, the ‘Professional’ version is the most recommended one and it boasts excellent features like Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and also unlimited email accounts. The number of domain add-ons included with this version is 5. If you want to opt for a more budget-friendly package, the ‘Starter’ version starts at a low price of $2.95/mo for a period of three years. And you can definitely expect full-time support from the team over at DTH.

With over 16 years of experience and around 13 million WordPress users, DTH have and always will strive to deliver the best web hosting possible for your WordPress requirements. Whatever stage of support you need, DTH will provide it. Their WordPress management platform is created on the basis of cutting-edge SSD technology. This is enough to guarantee their users a very high-speed operation. Moreover, if you choose to register with DTH, your website can enjoy a 99.9% uptimewith your website and therefore the chance for crashing is almost nil. You will be given full support once you register with DTH in the form of personalized support and also online tutorials.

Downtown Host’s customers also enjoy other services like dedicated, semi-dedicated, and even virtual private servers. Now, being able to rent out an online server speaks greatly about DTH’s capability to handle various operations. It is a particularly great option if you do not intend on buying/building your own server. There is also the option of reseller hosting that is provided at DTH. It means that you can host a variety of third-party websites on your web space. For further details, you can log onto and go through the different brochures, with which the features and pricing details are provided. So do check out the different options and register your WordPress site on DTH today!