Things You Need to Know About PUBG as free to download on Mobile devices

Playing online games using mobile devices is a great thing done by technology for the people. This is to give entertainment, fun, and thrill with the different features of online games. The best thing about many online games is that the player can choose their preference in playing. Can choose to play on the computer or by using mobile devices, this may be an Android or an IoS phone.

Tips and Strategies in playing PUBG using mobile devices. Customize your controls; this is by using default wherein a player is able to have a virtual control stick on the left while using the thumb to control the aim. Another strategy in playing is you can set up the control in firing, aim down sights, go prone. And can access right thumb to control the aim. Thus, anyone can customize the layout of the virtual buttons. This can be done by sliding them around and changing their and as well as transparency. Another is that it can save multiple layouts presets. Need to find the button layout where a player thinks the most comfortable for them. By that, it can bring the best game to the table.

By downloading PUBG game in mobile devices can control the map. In the mobile version of PUBG Free instead of placing markers on the map, a player can also use a dotted line directing to the straight marker from the current location. This can be done by observing the marker line while on the plane. And will find out when is the best time to jump to get to the desired location.


Hence, a player needs special attention to the minimap in the top right of the screen. This is during the regular play. The reason behind this is that it can track the gunfire and also the approaching vehicles. By keeping attention to the map a player is constantly alerted on upcoming dangers. This will help the player to stay safe while flushing out the enemies.

In playing PUBG on Pc or in mobile you need to keep moving and keep alert. This is when the player holds down the left thumb. As part of the moves of their character around a running icon, will exist. Slide the thumb over the running icon and the character will be locked into sprinting mode even without holding down the button.

In auto sprinting of the game, you can easily grab and hold the camera or the eye icon below the map and put it around to have a free without changing the direction. A good tip to consider in order checking the horizons for an opposing player while making a hard target to hit. This is a good tip to help check your horizons for opposing players while making yourself a hard target to hit.

Looting gets more efficient. This is by default a player can automatically have a weapon and items in the mobile version of the game. The best thing to play PUBG in mobile devices, better you can use this page to get the link to play the game your mobile games. To find a compatible gun attachment can snap those weapons. This feature is really helpful to eliminate the hassle. In early cases of the game when a player needs to collect for the long run in the games