Use the effective method to fix the DNS server error

The DNS server can be fixed easily, but the person must find the problem where it happens. Sometime it may happen in the computer or in the web hosting. If the person searches for the particular website it opens without any problem, then there is no problem in the network we have to configuration. if doesn’t open then there is some problem. The user can type the name of the instead of the website in the address bar. The computer will get the IP of the site by knowing the IP address of the website. This method will work in case of DNS problem. The user can refresh the webpage by hitting the F5 button because sometimes there may be chance that refreshing will bring back the website again.

Solving the DNS error:

If the user tries to open more than one website at a time, then it will create the problem of DNS error. The big question arises for many people are  dns server error? This problem can be solved by clearing the cache. Sometimes there will be some problem with the electronic devices so it is best option to switch off the server, router, modem and the computer. And after some minute this must be restarted again in the reverse process. This is one of the best methods to fix the DNS problem.

Make some changes in the DNS settings:

In the router the DNS settings will be stored and with the help of the router the IP address is given to the networked computers. In the entire networked computer the IP settings can be checked. For doing this user must go to command option and they must run ipconfig /all. In the screen the default way will be displayed along with the DNS server IP address. Then the problem will occur a problem can be rectified by flush out the router DNS settings by giving ipconfig /flushdns which is followed by ipconfig /registerdns. If this does not work, then the user can specify the new DNS server. Hence, by following this method the DNS error can be easily fixed.