What Are Some of the Features That Can Be Added In a Chat SDK?

If you’re trying to choose the right chat SDK for your needs, there are quite a few things you’ll need to take into consideration. Not only will you want to pay attention to things like cost and support options, but you’ll also want to find out more about the features you’ll be able to add. While the features below won’t always be available, these are popular features that you can add with many chat SDKs.

Different Login Options

Logging into an app shouldn’t be stressful. When you use the right framework, you’ll be able to offer all kinds of login options. For example, you can allow users to log in via social media or with their email. You can even let users log on anonymously.

Keeping track of usernames and passwords isn’t always easy. If someone can’t figure out how to log into your app, they might wind up not logging on at all. Offering a range of login options is an easy way to avoid these kinds of frustrations.

Link Previews

People often like to send links through chat. However, people aren’t always willing to click on a link if they can’t see where the link will lead ahead of time. A way to get around this is by offering link previews.

These previews let people see where a link leads, which will let them click with confidence. If you expect people to share links through your app, this is a feature you’ll want to include.

Push Notifications

It’s easy for people to miss messages, especially when they’re in the middle of something or away from their phones. With push notification using a SDK to build a chat apps, it’s much easier for people to see the messages that they’re sent. Push notifications can also serve as a reminder. When people see these notifications, they’ll remember to check your app.

If you want to make sure that people can always see the messages that they’re sent through your app, you’ll want to look for a framework that allows for push notifications. This feature is available in many chat apps, and it’s something that is expected by a lot of users.

Search Features

When people use instant messaging services, they want to have a way to find the people that they want to talk to. You can make this process a lot easier for them by offering in-depth search features that will allow them to look for other users in many different ways.

There are flexible options available for search features, which means you’ll be able to find a solution that works well for your app. You can even contain custom search indexes that users will be able to take advantage of.

Private and Public Chats

Public chat rooms can be a fantastic way for people to connect and talk with people worldwide. However, many people appreciate having the option to carry out private chats. Many chat SDKs allow you to customize the experience you offer to users, which means you can offer both private and public chats.

You may also have options when it comes to the types of private chats that you offer. Not only will you be able to allow people to have one-on-one chats, but you may also be able to offer private group chat features. Many people enjoy group chats with friends, and offering private group chats is a way to make users happy.

Different Message Types

Text messages are the most common type of message sent through instant messaging services, but there are other types of message types you can offer. Image messages are a popular option, but other options may be available as well, including audio and video messages.

When users have more ways to communicate with each other, they’ll be more interested in utilizing your offer features. This can also be a fantastic way to differentiate your app from other apps that include chat features.


People often assume that they’ll have access to emoticons when they use instant messaging services. Not being able to send emoticons can be frustrating for people. If you believe that your audience enjoys emoticons, reactions, and similar options, you’ll want to seek out an SDK that includes these kinds of features.

Emoticons can make it easier to show your mood when sending a text message. From simple emoticons to the classic smiley face to more unusual designs, you should consider finding a framework that will allow you to include these kinds of features.

Not all chat SDKs are the same. If you’re searching for a framework that you can use to introduce chat features to your app, you’ll want to look at the features that this framework will allow you to include. Features can enhance people’s experience with your instant messaging services, which can help you keep your audience happy.