What You Need To Know About Wicked Article Creator

Wicked Article Creator is suddenly the biggest thing in the market when looking for the best content generation software. It has article scraper, builder, and cleaner; all combined in a single product.  You can create high-quality articles, and you do not need writing skills to do so.  It scrapes content from over 30 article directories and search engines. Your material is well researched, and with a single click, it spins to give you fresh, readable content.

What versions are available?

This article creator comes in two versions that you can use to mitigate all your article development requirements.  The functions you get depend on which version you choose to buy. They have the basic and premium editions, and each one of them is loaded with advantages. However, the basic version cannot handle some of the advanced functions such as the provision of Tier-1 content, which is obtained from your scraped articles. With the low edition, you cannot scrape content from any website or access the WAC database that has millions of different niche articles. The software comes with inbuilt tools to enable you to carry out various functions.

What you gain using the Premium Version

Super Spun articles

The premium version of the WAC gives you super-spun articles. The premium version allows you to scrap content of your niche from various sites and you create Tier-1 content. The software has access to 30 additional article directories and with the inbuilt scraper; you can get excellent and unique content that is related to your website. The Tier-1 spinner creates articles using the paragraph spinning technology, which ensure that your articles are readable with content that flows naturally.

Fast and efficiently created articles

Wicked article Creator software comes with an efficient default spinner. It spins content quickly, and it’s the fastest among many of those spinners available online.

Excellent level of spinning

The premium version has paragraph level spinning which works perfectly for Tier-1. You can review the content and do some editing to perfect the content and use it on any site online.  The basic version gives Tier-2 content because it comes with sentence level spinning ability.

Filters your content

The article creator software removes ads, author bio, signature information, copyright claims and website promotion from the scraped content.

Keyword assistance

WAC helps you with keyword suggestion. It has an inbuilt keyword suggestion tool that helps you get related broad keywords for your content.

Spins images and videos

The WAC software helps you spin images and videos. It is easy, and it gets you what is related to your content.

Even though this article creator comes with many advantages, it is not perfect. You cannot use it with other spinners, and since scraping depends on Google, your IP is likely to be banned within a short period. So, this can halt your content creation. However, to avoid this, you should get a private proxy.  You also have to go through the content to perfect it since some unwanted characters may be left when filtering.