Things to Avoid When Choosing your SEO Vendor

    Getting an SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) company or a consultant on web traffic is always one of the most important decisions when starting out as a new company. Not only new and startups but also for existing companies that want to leverage the power of the internet to create more revenue and profit. There is a multitude of choices and instead of making it easier to choose, this situation actually makes it a bit more challenging and difficult. The companies offering these services are so numerous that it takes a lot of research to settle on just one and more importantly, the right choice. Below are some of the more common mistakes that one should avoid while making a decision to buy website traffic. 

Never Do It Just for the Sake of Traffic

    Having traffic is not the goal by itself. The goal is to drive traffic that also generates results. Traffic without revenue is just as bad as without traffic at all, dead in the water.

Rankings and Vanity Metrics

    Never want more traffic just because you want to be up there. No decent SEO company should be advocating any of this or any of the vanity metrics like Google Pagerank. 

Beating a Particular Competitor For Specific Keywords or Phrases

    This might drive your rankings up but this doesn’t drive directly to revenue nor drive organizational goals

Do Not Make Google Itself as Your Filter

    This is a bit tricky because this is exactly what the company you are searching for will do. When you search for a good SEO Company. You might want to start thinking that they may be as a result of someone paying money to buy website traffic, but with a lot more money and that is maybe why they got on top of the list. The ones that are in really high demand would actually not have the time to employ SEO. The companies that do great work and get great referrals are overwhelmed with great clients all the time because of the old-school word of mouth, their clients refer them to people and do their networking the old-fashioned way. These companies would have high retention values, they make a lot of money and are super busy that they would not have time for Search Engine Optimization. Their work would actually be doing it for them. 

The Bottom Line

     The ones appearing on top ranking may not be the company you are looking for. The sources you should be looking for should be from your friends and personal networks. Talk to similar non-competitive companies for feedback and again, referrals. Also, use industry Insiders for valid information regarding who to choose. Ask companies you are interested in about their process. How will they commit their workforce on the job at hand? and more importantly ask them what they would do if things are not working out as planned. Remember that SEO is not for everyone, and with this in mind sit down with your peers and decide from thereon.