Your Basic Guide to Using Online Identification Tools

In order for us to enter a secured building, we need to have good security measures – one of these is that we need to know the identities of each and everyone entering within the area.  We all want an easy solution to verify a person’s movement of going in and out on an area with a convenient access.

A real time biometric identity access solution was made to verify the identity of each person going in or out in a specific area.

Using Online Tools To Identify Your Employees

Instead of purchasing a lot of materials to identify the people inside a building, like using of logbooks, CCTV, biometric fingerprint – a solution of “Access by Ipsidy”  is made for our convenience to monitor and validate the people within a perimeter area. Visit the site for more information.

Access by Ipsidy only requires a bluetooth device which is usually a smartphone. Afterwards, the download the Ipsidy app since it is designed as a mobile biometric application. The application is offered with an options of (1) Digital Visitor Pass  – which they will authenticate themselves to the host and (2) A host – which can give the access point, time, date, and confirmation to the visitor.


A host may create a digital visitor app for an event he or she will need. Then the host will notify it to the participants for that event. The participant will receive an email from access enrollment as created by the host. With just 3 simple steps:

  1. Downloading the Ipsidy mobile application,
  2. Creating your profile, and
  3. Activating the guest pass.

To track a person, a range for the accessibility of the bluetooth connection to notify and will be authenticated using a scanner through its camera lens. All you need to do is to take a selfie and then you are instantly verified comparing to the access of the person’s facial biometric.

An administrator is able to re-verify a person’s identity with the use of Access concierge application where it is able to view a real- time status of a person which they can monitor and identity of people movement and their identity status.

An automated notice will be sent to the host with regarding to the status of the visitor.

A management portal will give different roles which administrators may be able to track movement and can view activities within their site. Convenient tools allow administrators to self-configure perimeter and define custom groupings of the following:

  1. Website
  2. Access points
  3. Residents
  4. Visitors
  5. Employees
  6. Attendance monitoring

With this, we no longer need to use or purchase other expensive devices or manuals to identify and monitor each personnel, each employee and each visitor or even manage long lines for the visitors. Everyone will experience convenience with the Ipsidy Application. After all, who doesn’t like convenience? Especially in our daily routing where the digital world is required and is needed.

The Bottom Line

Indeed, it is an easy, fast and convenient way to connect with each other. Even with this tools that are readily available for us, you should not ignore the importance of commitment to your work. You may have tools to make things easier but your attitude must also change for the better. To get to know the tool better, drop by the site: