Volcano Vaporizer Review: All the Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

With time, Volcano vaporizers keep getting smarter and smoother. This makes the user’s job easier to an extinct but can also get a little confusing. This set of tips and tricks will allow you to use your vaporizer to the maximum. Here are some Volcano Vaporizer Review and their features.

  • Fine Grind: The Volcano Vaporizer works its finest with a fine grind. It helps by evenly distributing the heat and complete extraction. Some high-end fine grinders give out amazing results by yielding almost-powdery results. On the contrary, while using your regular 3 or 4 piece grinder, turning it upside down will also help in getting a finer grind. But, if you use a 2 piece grinder, you need to give your material a little extra time to get it to the right consistency.
  • Tight Pack: This works by helping the heat to spread throughout your vaporizer’s bowl. You can use the multi-tool, or the lid, to firmly fill the content of the oven. For the best performance of the smaller loads, make sure that you pack them tightly. In case you are using lesser than usual material, use the half-pack oven lid. Most people generally use this.
  • Easy Draw: A good and easy draw is vital to ultimate performance. If you suck very hard on the vaporizer, it can lead the heater to overwhelm and get thin vapors, like in many conduction vaporizers. A moderate, cigar-like puff is the best to start with. Some brands of the easy draw have an oven lid that has holes drilled into them for improved airflow for the people who can’t stand the limited draws.

Overfilling the concentrates

Overfilling the concentrate insert is the last thing that you want to do. Begin by positioning a small quantity at the bottom of the can between the two air intake holes. Make certain that the quantity is not higher than these holes. The concentrate is going to even out and spread around the bottom of the can and vape very well on heating. If you put more than the required amount of the concentration, you will have to wait longer for the concentration to rise to a certain temperature and there is also a risk of it to spill out of the can and into the oven.

Keeping your draws to an average pace will ensure that you don’t suck in the liquid concentrate. In case of concentrates, you can finish your sessions whenever you wish to by turning it off and then turning it on whenever you like another round. Go through the Volcano Vaporizer Review, it is the best among all the other vaporizers.